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Ep. 7: The Sound of the Body (Essay Excerpt)

Listen to this episode on Spotify here, or Apple Podcasts here.

This episode is a recording of one section of an essay I originally wrote for subscribers. Read the full essay here.

The key points in this "speaking":

  • The world arrives as one: body and soul together, one uncaused arising.

  • "Foods prepared with presence can open the pores towards particular worlds."

  • "The human is a virtual animal, an ideological construct that derives its meaning from material exclusion."

  • "The Yukaghirs say that before children learn to speak, the body is open: “raw meat.” Language is learned and the flesh bends into itself, circling small worlds of human-centric meanings."

  • "Foregoing language re-attunes the flesh to the fluid, sensual conversation outside of fixed human meanings."

  • "I would also like to be less dependent on this technology we call speech. Can I learn the subtle speakings of wilder things?"

Listener Insights: If you want your insights to be shared (with your name or anonymously), comment on the blog post page corresponding to the episode, email me, or answer the Spotify questions attached to the episode.

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