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Ep. 9: Can Pleasure be Trusted?

Listen to this episode on Spotify here, or Apple Podcasts here. The key points in this "speaking":

  • Why is our culture so suspicious of pleasure?

  • The darkness of the other's body— that the other remains uncontrollable and uninhabitable—reveals a fundamental separation, is a source of anxiety. In response, we try to control the chaos of the other's free and sovereign body.

  • And there is a sense in which all objects of pleasure are infinite. Human desires are beyond the simple desires of other animals, and we seem dangerously driven towards insatiable pleasure.

  • All our idols (food, sex, love, learning, even God) must die on the way to reality, though everything real resurrects in new ways.

  • My "miraculous" experience with intuitive eating.

  • Most of us live with a psychological rift between the disciplinarian and the child in our head.

  • Developmental ethics: where do rules end? Can intuition be trusted? How do we know our desires are "good"?

Listener Insights: If you want your insights to be shared (with your name or anonymously), comment on the blog post page corresponding to the episode, email me, or answer the Spotify questions attached to the episode.

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