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Ep. 2: The End is Always Joy

Listen to this episode on Spotify here, or Apple Podcasts here.

The key points in this "speaking":

  • Every conceptual schema is a mythology if you go down far enough. Hold these mythologies lightly.

  • In order to be truly successful, you have to tend to your particular energy in the way that it requires.

  • We have to risk self-deception in order to find our inner guide. No one knows for sure whether or not their lives are progressing in the direction they want them to.

  • Because of the risk of self-deception, systems of control are created to manufacture the illusion of progress.

  • It’s possible to arrive at the end of your life and realize your life was a variation of hiding. But you won’t arrive there without having allowed your body, mind, and heart to go blind in to some degree throughout your life.

  • This blindness is not darkness— that depth of feeling and thought that makes tender and meaningful your life— but a flinching in the face of darkness.

  • Anything can be a tool of awakening or an opiate.

  • Positive thinking will not save us, but deep-rooted joy will.

  • Where there is truth, joy will follow.

  • If you are still in despair, you are not at the end. The end is always joy.


The Shallows by Nicolas Carr.

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