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Day 38

Uprooted, but happy.

The smell of baking bread. I melt vegan butter with crushed garlic, salt, chopped fresh rosemary, sautéing until the butter bubbles and begins to crystallize with salt. I let it cool and then mix more vegan butter, letting it harden. I pull out the bread and brush the butter on the browned crust, waiting for it to cool while sitting on the couch with Sophie.

She is watching way too much TV these days, annoying nursery rhyme videos. She is happy all day at daycare, but screams so often at home. She is too active, and there is never enough for her to do and to learn. I try planning activities, but she is bored in five minutes and bringing me the TV remote.

Something must be done about this habit, I know. But for now I surrender, watching her focused face as the smell of cooling bread reminds me of the few good things I can do every day, and that those few good things may one day add up to a wonderful life.


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