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Day 42

Ordinary people often live the most extraordinary lives.

I have traveled the world. I have met wealthy people, educated people, angry people, and happy people. But the happiest people of all were those who did small things, joyfully. They were often those who had not traveled at all, who had not performed any remarkable feat of human experience, who knew nothing of science or philosophy.

But they did know this: that their geraniums grew well in pots of soil, on sunny balconies. They knew how to talk with their children over a cup of coffee at the table. They knew how to sleep and how to siesta.

These people live quiet lives of revolution. They are turning the grand plans of disordered people into dust (disordered people are those who know how to run a nation, but not how to water their plants).

Living a good life is a prerequisite for living a great life, you know.


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