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Day 65

The strength of the human in adversity is also our greatest moral weakness: we can acclimate to anything.

The problem with inheriting a world which is not of our making is that if we live here long enough (more than a few years), we will begin to mollify ourselves. Wars, homelessness, poverty- necessary evils. Thus we soothe the conscience a whimper. This is the way of things.

First we consent to this world, a bellowing yes to the state of things (this is called love).

Then, in love, we resist until we die (this is called loving a thing into full being).

I opened my laptop and found an email from Peter Singer's website, a reminder to resist illusion.

"You see a little girl drowning in a pond.

What do you do?

Of course, you wade in to save her!

Even if you were wearing an expensive outfit?

Yes, even then. What’s the value of an expensive outfit compared to saving a life?"

I don't buy expensive clothing, but we all waste money, money which could save lives. I am not yet devoted enough to relieving suffering.

This is the question which should plague us every day: Am I sacrificing my ego on the altar of humanity?

Am I loving the world into being?


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