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Day 80

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

You can only love someone whom you do not need.

How is this possible?

We must fill the crater-sized hole inside us with something other than the people around us.

This is the point of positing the transcendent. Only in opening ourselves to other love (a love which can be felt, if not fully understood) only then can we be cradled in whole-hearted healing.

When I feel that other-love, the world becomes ordered in infinite clarity. I laugh at what seems wrong in my life, and good and bad coalesce in a perfect unity.

Here. Now.

Space (here) and time (now) are balanced carefully in the person of me. These two words encapsulate the roundness of spiritual peace.

It feels strange to speak of spirituality, mostly because it's unpopular in a materialist world. And yet there are a thousand ways to experience and speak of spirituality and many are wholly in line with rational thinking.

Spirituality as attunement to the relationships among things. Spirituality as the cracking self which allows light to spill in. Spirituality as that which frees me into loving my daughter and husband with a love that is not mine, and so it is perfect, impermeable to my changing moods or weaknesses. Of course, I must practice not getting in the way of this love. I often do, allowing conditions to dictate its flow. When I don't, life moves much more smoothly.


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