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Day 85

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

What I didn't mention is that we spent all weekend looking to buy a condo. Utah is expensive, especially near Salt Lake, which is where Georg works. But it will continue to grow (people are moving here in masses), so now is a good time to buy.

Right? You never really know, but we made an offer anyway, and it was accepted on Sunday night. So now I am scrambling, scheduling inspections, figuring out the terribly new logistics of buying a property. I mean, it's not that stressful. It's just that lately I am an underwater creature, moving slowly down my to-do list beneath a few tons of ocean.

Why do I have to bring up this depression with every entry? I am tired of it, but it is always relevant, so I keep referencing. It's not like chronic depression; there is a light at the end: the light of spring. So there is no reason to feel sorry for me; it simply serves as the backdrop, the watery grounding of everything.

But freedom lies ahead! The condo is across the street from a bus stop. We can go places- Sophie and I! We will no longer be caged birds in the winter, stranded in a suburb with no car. I'm sure even the depression will ease, seeing other faces, keeping her occupied so that we both are happy.

But first, packing.


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